Indiana Jones and Missing Years of Lord Christ

If Steven Spielberg and George Lucas decide to make a movie on Indiana Jones and that too on secrets in Indian history, then for what Indiana Jones will hunt for? There was already a movie named “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”, which I believe, was a waste of time, money. There are much interesting story ideas as far as Indian history is considered. One of the interesting ideas will be make an movie on Indiana Jones and “Missing Years of Lord Christ” or “Missing Trail of Lord Christ”.

It is believed that Lord Christ came to India during the `missing years' when he went to religious centers like Dwarka, Puri, Laddakh and Himalayas. Following are some of the supporting facts for this view

1. After Alexander's invasion of India, there were smaller Greek kingdoms in Iran, Syria, Egypt etc. The Buddhist monks frequently visited these places and exchanged ideas with the kings and other sages of these countries. It is here, which is believed that Jesus came into contact with them and traveled to India in company with some merchants.

2. The life story of St. Essa or Issa in India closely resembles the life of Jesus Christ revealing what may well be the lost years or missing years of Jesus Christ.

3. In 1894 Nicolas Notovitch published a book called The Unknown Life of Christ. He was a Russian doctor who journeyed extensively throughout Afghanistan, India, and Tibet. Notovitch journeyed through the lovely passes of Bolan, over the Punjab, down into the arid rocky land of Ladak, and into the majestic Vale of Kashmir of the Himalayas. During one of his journeys he was visiting Leh, the capital of Ladak, near where the Buddhist convent Himis is. Notovitch learned there, that there existed ancient records of the life of Jesus Christ. In the course of his visit at the great convent, he located a Tibetan translation of the legend and carefully noted in his carnet de voyage over two hundred verses from the curious document known as "The Life of St. Issa."

His Research and later researches made expressed possibility that St. Issa was a lord Christ.

4. It is believed in India that Christianity resembles very closely with the Mahayana sect of Buddhism where Buddha is almost treated as God. In the eyes of the Indians or Buddhists, the early descriptions of Christianity are almost similar to those of Buddhism(Which itself evolved from Hinduism and Jainism).
When Jesus said " I AM GOD", he was actually repeating the Upanishad statement AHAM BRAMHANASMI meaning I am God ,meaning that the individual immortal soul within the body is indeed the supreme soul or Paramathman or God.

5. It is believed that after His resurrection, for about sixteen years, Christ travelled through Turkey, Persia, Western Europe and possibly England. He finally arrived with Mary to a place near Kashmir in India, where she died. After many years in Kashmir, teaching to an appreciative population, who venerated him as a great prophet, reformer and saint, he died and was buried in a tomb in Kashmir itself.

Wouldn't it make a Great movie? Though it is controversial and will not be considered a true fact, still all Indiana Jones movie are based on imagination only, and contain less real facts.I think it will be great movie and better than all three episodes of Indiana Jones. Let's try to put scenes of this story in order.

Indiana Jones makes entry into Jerusalem and finds trail of Jesus to India. He then travels to India, to ladakh and finds manuscripts, where life of Issa is described.

He finds close resembles of Issa to Jesus and look for trails of Saint Issa.

Meanwhile, he meets, the villain of Story, who is also on trail of the Holy grail, which he believes that Jesus, took it with him.

There are fights of Indiana Jones and villain, but as usual Indiana Jones succeed to break into tomb of Saint Issa,"tomb of a prophet", where he finds carved images of a crucifix and a rosary but no holy grail!

And Indeed, He comes to conclusion that It was the Jesus! He was in India for those 18 years (from 13 to 31) and even after his resurrection, he came to India and lived as Saint Issa!
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